She is the only one I think about.

The only one I want.

The only one I kiss.

The only one who has my heart.

to hope for you.

to feel like this
makes me nervous.
i’ve had bad experiences in the past.
i’m not eager to repeat them.

i also don’t want
to get my hopes up
because i feel like every time i do,
i ruin it things.

but on the same note,
i don’t want to be absent of hope.
i just don’t know what is the right amount,
and what is too much.

i am just tired
of having things blow up.
i just want some peace of mind,
and I think you can help provide that.

i close my eyes
and think of you
every time. and i just want you.
your smile, your care, your love.

you don’t judge me.
you don’t expect me
to be something i don’t want to be.
you just accept me.

i secretly hope
that you feel the same way.
and that I cross your mind as much as you cross mine.
but i don’t hope too much…

i hope.


i don’t want to be
the wedge that drives you two apart.
it seems that you
have a good thing going for you.
i don’t want to
ruin that or your happiness.

but i do want you.
and i want to be the one you kiss goodnight.
i just don’t want
to steal you away from what you have.
sometimes it’s tough
to fight the feelings i have and all.

i do not deserve you.
you can tell me otherwise all you want.
but no matter how
amazing you say i am, i know.
i know that you’d
be better off without me.


love opens up the gates
that were closed before.
love takes you on a journey.
love is priceless. 


365 days isn’t a lot when you think about it.
52 weeks.
12 months.
one trip around the sun.

many have passed,
many will come.

here’s to 2013. 


when one line is parallel to another,
they will never meet.


despite their best efforts.
they need to accept that,
and realize that one day,
a line will come that will be perpendicular.

one day. 


it’s a simple matter of taking air in,
and letting air out.
it’s something that is done,
without a thought.

it keeps us alive.
how amazing is that?
we don’t have to tell ourselves,

"Breathe in."

"Breathe out."

it just happens.

move on.

You need to let go of the past already.
Stop dwelling on it.

You can’t change what has been done.
Accept it and move on.

It’s simple but you make it such a big deal,
Such a painful process.

I’m done. I’m past it,
And I have been for a really long time.

Now I’m happy, finally.
And you just complain and whine.

Well guess what?
It doesn’t even bug me anymore.

I have support and care
And a best friend I am so grateful for.

You need to get over it.
You need to 


closed ears.

trying to communicate with someone
who refuses to listen
is like trying to fill a void.

it just won’t happen. 


keep talking
show me the universe.

show me the good things.

show me the freedom.